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Advanced Program
in Finance & Wealth Advisory

Program Overview

Certificates from NSE Academy, OAWA, and International Certification by DeakinCo (Backed by Deakin University, Australia)
Digital badge by NSE Academy
Alumni Status
Coaching by Industry Professionals
Plan and build portfolios along with the necessary knowledge and skillset for a career as a financial advisor.
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At NSE Academy we are delighted to partner with OAWA Investment Education as part of our mission of bringing new learning in the financial education space and creating future ready talent pool for the industry. While India is witnessing an unprecedented era of wealth creation, still a large segment of the society is unaware about the right approach to achieve financial freedom and also do not have access to professional advice in matters of personal money management.
-Abhilash Misra (CEO, NSE Academy)

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects
Key learnings

• Demystify key macroeconomic variables • How to value various debt and equity instruments? •Create investment portfolios and asses risk

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Career Opportunities

Wealth Manager at top private banks, Independent wealth manager, Financial advisor

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Who Is This Programme For?

Graduates & Post-Graduates, CA, ICWAI, CS, MBA, Professionals looking for a career shift or upskilling, Financial advisors and insurance agents, Homemakers looking for a second career or for managing family assets

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Bachelor's or Equivalent Degree


Learn from India’s top Finance faculty and industry leaders. Our core faculty members are industry veterans and have worked on a variety of portfolios.


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions
Hours of Learning
# of modules
Case Studies
# Soft Skills Modules
# of Certificates & Badges
Month 1
  • Introduction to Savings & Investment
    • Savings, Investment & Speculation
    • How to convert savings into investment for long-term wealth creation
  • The Power of Compounding
    • Its impact on investments and wealth creation
  • How Macros impact the Markets
    • Economic Growth
    • Inflation
    • Policy Actions
  • Where to Invest? Let’s talk about Asset classes
    • Equity as an asset class
    • Debt as an asset class
  • Importance of Asset Allocation
    • Practical nuances of asset allocation
  • Investing through Mutual Funds
    • Types of Mutual Fund
    • Use of MF as an investment tool
    • How to select a Mutual Fund
  • Creating your MF investment portfolio
    • Selection of debt and equity schemes
    • Monitoring the portfolio
    • How to evaluate the performance of a portfolio
    • How to calculate investment returns
Month 2
  • How to value a Bond
    • The practical approach
  • How to value an Equity share?
    • Using bottom-up and top-down methodology
  • Diversification and Portfolio Risk
    • Explain what is diversification of portfolio
    • Explain portfolio risk
  • Strategies to minimise portfolio risk
    • Strategies for debt investments
    • Strategies for equity investments
  • Can gold and real estate have a place in an investor’s portfolio?
    • Ways to take exposure in gold
    • Ways to take exposure in real estate
  • Insurance and Wealth Protection
    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Home Insurance
  • A comprehensive portfolio
    • Constructing a comprehensive portfolio
    • Tracking a portfolio
    • Evaluating performance of a portfolio
    • Rebalancing a portfolio
Month 3
  • Financial Planning
    • Risk Profiling
    • Model Portfolio
    • Portfolio maintenance & rebalancing
    • Risk-adjusted return
    • Performance attribution
  • Estate Planning
    • Inter-generational wealth management
  • How to Acquire and Manage a Client?
    • Client Connect Protocol
    • Client Retention Strategy
  • Effective Communication in the workplace
    • Professional communication
    • Persuasive communication
    • Interpersonal communication
  • Acing Job Interviews
    • Key traits needed to start a career as a financial advisor
  • Career options as a Financial Advisor
    • As an Employee
    • As an Entrepreneur
  • Handling Client meetings
    • The practical approach

Case Studies

  • Learners study through a wide-range of case-studies
  • Create various portfolios to suit client needs
  • Case studies aim at practical applications

Student Testimonials

Babita Malhotra

Financial Advisor

Dhruv Khule

Financial Advisor

Rohit Singh


Advisory Board

Program Fees
₹ 58,600/- (Inclusive of 18% GST)
*Facility for zero-cost EMIs available (₹ 19,533/- p.m.)